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AMS Exeter
AMS Exeter Air Conditioning
AMS Exeter Air Conditioning Installation
AMS Exeter Air Conditioning Company
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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. Can an air conditioning system be used to heat a property in colder weather? 
A. Yes it can and in a very efficient manner, the systems that provide this dual ability are called heat pump systems that heat the incoming cool air from the outside at a much more efficient rate than conventional electric heaters air conditioning heat pump systems typically consuming up to 80% less power than other forms of electric heating. 
Q. Can air conditioning make you ill? 
A. Only a poorly maintained air conditioning system could make you ill, having a well maintained air conditioning system only contributes to a healthier environment, as humidity levels are controlled so the growth of moulds and dust mites are inhibited. All air conditioning systems are also fitted with filters, which depending on the system and needs of the client are capable of catching pollen, bacteria, odours, microbes or smoke. Periodic replacement of filters are essential to maintain effectiveness. 
Q. Our computer servers keep over heating can you help? 
A. Yes we can Air Management Solutions have plenty of experience designing, installing and maintaining environmental control systems specifically for server rooms and data centres click here for more information.  
Q. Do you provide maintenance services for air conditioning systems? 
A. We certainly do, Air Management Solutions offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all makes and models of air conditioning units click here for more information
Q. Do you provide your services outside of Exeter? 
A. Air Management Solutions Ltd provide our services through out the following areas, Devon, Cornwall & Somerset. For any other areas just fill out our online enquiry form with your location and we will always try to accommodate customers where we can. 
Q. Who supplies your products? 
A. Air Management Solutions use high quality products from Daikin, Samsung, Midea and Mitsubishi providing our customers with the latest air conditioning and heat pump technology. 
Q. Can you repair my air conditioning system if you didn't install it? 
A. Yes, our highly skilled team can repair most makes and models of air conditioning and heat pump systems and if it isn't feasible to do so we will give you a quote to replace it. Or refer you back to the manufacturer depending on warranty timescales. 
Q. Do you provide your services to home-owners? 
A. We do, we have worked with many home-owners in the past, supplying domestic air conditioning and heat pumps systems, there is no job too big or too small for Air Management Solutions. 


Did you know that an Air conditioning system not only cools your property in warmer weather, it can also heat your property in cooler weather? 
Due to the filtration system in air conditioners hay fever and allergy suffers can rest easy during spring and summer months and enjoy a sneeze free environment at home or work. 
We can thank air conditioning systems for the prolonged life expectancy's that we enjoy today, as they provided cool controllable environments to make the production of vital medicines and medical advances possible. 
Before air conditioning schools closed in summer months and industries slowed or halted production, with the installation of air conditioning systems industry was able to maintain high levels of production throughout the year as staff and machinery were kept at comfortable working conditions, however the school summer holidays remained as disappointed adults were sent back to work. 
Heat Pump systems are considered a renewable energy source even though they use a small amount of electricity to operate they produce more energy than they use. 
If we didn't have air conditioning we wouldn't have some of the medications we have today because to study and develop certain medications it required a cool environment. 
The first air conditioner was designed in 1902 by Willis Carrier. 
Summer blockbusters at the cinema came about as cinemas took up air conditioning systems early which led to people going to cinemas in the summer to avoid the heat making it a prime time for companies to release the 'big' film. 
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